Membership Benefits

1. Savings

Favourable dividends paid on savings each year.

2. Loans

Easy access at a reasonable rate. Just complete a form and leave it to the credit committee, loans officer, or board as necessary.

Loan Interest Rebate

For the number of years we have given our members a loan interest rebate which makes our loans even more attractive. This year our Loan Interest Rebate was 15%! If you need a loan for a purpose not listed above please do not hesitate to contact us on 024-92325.

3. Advice

All advice and queries are free.

4. Insurance

All monies on deposit are covered by a range of insurances which safeguard you against loss.

5. Death Benefit

Free Death benefit for all members if they opened their account before their 70th birthday and who have €250 or more in their account at time of death.

6. Other Services

New services are always under consideration and depend on your demand for same. Please let us have your ideas, our members opinions matter to us.

How to become a member?

You qualify for membership of Youghal Credit Union Ltd. if you work or live within the Youghal area which also includes Ardmore , Killeagh , Inch and Ballymacoda. To open an account you will need photographic identification e.g. passport or drivers licence along with proof of your address e.g. current utility bill. You will also need to supply your PPS  number.