Savings Accounts

Share Accounts

All members are entitled to have a shares account. This account generates dividends over the course of a financial year. These dividends are subject to Dirt at the current rate.

Other types of Savings Accounts include:

  • Joint Accounts
    Two people can open an account together and can be joint signatories on the account
  • Club/Society Accounts:
    These accounts can be operated by clubs, associations, sporting organisations to lodge funds or apply for loans.
  • Specific Accounts
    Families, work colleagues, sports and social clubs open accounts such as these to save for specific purposes such as trips away, Christmas etc. These accounts are operated by representatives of the group
  • Sub Accounts
    These are accounts worked separate to the main account to provide flexibility to our members to save or avail of separate loan products etc.
  • Junior Accounts
    Minors up to the age of 16 years of age can open a Juvenile Account
  • New Born Accounts
    This incentive from Youghal Credit Union offers you the opportunity to open a new born Account for a child between 0 and 6 months and Youghal Credit Union will credit the account with €10.00. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Current Account
    All members are also entitled to have a current account. This account is perfect to use with CU Online and CU Anywhere which are both free for all members of Youghal Credit Union. To find out more visit
  • Digital Savings Card Account
    The savings machine inside the Credit Union is another service given to members for free which allows them to save independent of going to the counter. To find out more about this service click the link

Please contact our office on 024-92325 for details on any of our savings products.